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About Us

Phone: (312) 437-4035 Dushun Mosley

Phone: (517) 487-8814 Sidney Mosley


Our Reputation

Mosley's Retreat has built a solid reputation for friendly courteous service that is overwhelmingly positive and receptive. The clean air and water will awaken your spirit to this peaceful, beautiful, natural environment. You will find our  housing and meeting spaces comfortable, and the peaceful, beautiful environment conducive to relaxing and enjoying your time away from your daily routines.

Ideal Facility and Location

Mosley's Retreat is located in rustic Fenwick, Michigan, just a few hours drive from all major cities in the Midwest.

The Mosley Family designed and built the retreat over 30 years ago. The facility sits on approximately 75 acres of land. It has its own private biking trails. Our on site amenities offer a complete" self-contained" experience.

Amenities include:

· Dining room facility

· Picnic tables and spacious grounds

· Excellent fishing

· Accessibility to fishing boats

· Sleeping facilities that are carpeted, air-conditioned, complete with a kitchen and a private bathroom

· Biking and hiking trails

· Antique shopping

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�A place to console your soul�

Picnic area near house

Picnic area near lake

The long dock